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Is Uganda Safe for Tourists

Is Uganda Safe? – Yes Uganda is safe for travel – Is Uganda Safe for Tourists: Is it safe to travel to Uganda 2020? answered.

Is it safe to travel to Uganda 2020?

Practical Steps to Keep Safe and Secure in Uganda in 2020

The pearl of Africa is one of the safe, affordable, stable and reliable tourism destinations in Africa and it is characterized by welcoming, hospitable and friendly people which you will encounter while on your safari to Uganda. The country harbors over a million refugees that have been settled in her motherland and safe safaris is the number one concern to all travelers that visit Uganda. However on the other hand, it important to note that there is a misconception about Uganda being categorized among the dangerous and insecure places to visit. You will find such information on the media platforms, in different articles and forums but it’s not the reality and evidence to this  are some of the positive reviews that are written by various tourists who have visited the country and their safaris organized by a trusted tour operator.

It is also important to note that the Ugandan Government puts a lot of emphasis and efforts to the safety and security of all travelers that visit the country. This is being done through the collective efforts and team work from the Uganda wildlife authority, the Uganda tourism police as well as the UPDF military police that have been deployed with in the tourism destinations and borders of the country to ensure the safety and security of travelers from the time they enter into the country and they will get out of the country.  These are always moving day and night searching for poachers and rebels with in the national parks and also ensuring that travelers are safe therefore travelers should not get scared once you encounter with them in any of these police people on the way and also in the tourism destinations.

The security and safety is unpredictable to an extent that even in the national parks you will always be escorted by the park ranger guide to ensure that you are safe from the wild animals that may seem aggressive after seeing the human beings. For example before you begin gorilla trekking in Bwindi forest you are assigned two guide, one armed ranger guide who will escort you from behind and another park in front as you trek for the gorilla family and these will make sure you are safe while in the jungle and they will work your pace without leaving anyone behind.

How to stay safe on a safari in Uganda?

Different articles have been written about the security and safety of almost all the tourism destinations in Uganda, we therefore advise travelers to first search about the security of the destination where he is going to enjoy his safari activity using the Google search engines or even contact a genuine tour operator to feed you with proper information before decide to travel to Uganda.

We advise travelers to always pay the right travel insurance that has a travel cancellation alternative and also the insurance should be able to cover for security and safety to all destinations where you are going to enjoy your safari in Uganda.

You can as well follow news updates from different local news reports such as daily monitor, observer, and new vision alternatively you can contact us for any information regarding your safety and security in Uganda.

Travelers should always hire safari vehicles with a professional and knowledgeable driver guide to take them to take them around Uganda tourism destinations and they should avoid the risks of self-drive.

Travelers should not take the risks of moving at night in the dark places especially outside Kampala and Entebbe as because you may bap into con men and thieves who money oriented though they can hurt to get what they want.

Always ensure that the accommodation hotel or lodge is safe before you confirm your booking some may not be to standard and hygienically okay to have meals with them.

Always utilize the your mobile phone with Skype or whatsApp while staying at the hotel due to fact that most hotels offer free WIFI

Avoid the attempt of organizing your own safari by booking yourself a safari vehicle, the accommodation lodges, the permits, as well as activity. Some lodges and service providers will cheat you and other will not offer the service as you wanted it, others will eat your money and they won’t deliver the service among other risks.  Therefore we advise travelers to organize their safari with a trusted safari tour operator who will ensure they are safe until the end of the safari. Safari operators will always ensure that they book for you a safe accommodation facility, offer you safe transportation with an English speaking driver guide who has experience and knowledge about tourism destinations and they will be in contact with you in case of anything.

Safety and security while in the national park

All the 10 national parks in Uganda are governed and controlled by the Uganda wildlife authority which has implemented rules and regulations that govern the park and this has been done to ensure the safety and security which you have to abide to when in the jungle. Some these rules and regulations include;

You will not be allowed to move alone in the national park without accompaniment of an armed ranger guide, your are advised to stay with your driver guide and listen to his guidelines.

The Uganda wildlife authority does not permit driving in the park past 6:00pm because it is not safe and it’s during that time when wild animals like leopards are coming out to feed.

Game drives with in the national parks are advised to be done with an armed ranger guide who will ensure that you are safe from wild animals in case of any attack.

While on activity like boat cruise ensure that you wear a life jacket before you set off for a cruise. The life jet will safe you in case of accident.

If you are travelling with children ensure that there is some attending to the children and it’s important to choose lodges and activities that favor children.

Ensure that dress and carry gears according to the activity you are going to enjoy such as gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking which are done in the tropical forests, ensure that you wear protective clothing, if hiking then wear the required clothing for hiking.

You are advised to put clothes that blend with the environment such as grey, brown and dull colors which don’t pick the wild animals attention so fast.

We advise travelers not sit on the roof of the vehicle and not move out of the safari vehicle to get close to the animals since they can cause danger.

In Uganda night game drives are only done the Uganda wild life authority or if the lodge was authorized by the UWA then it can proceed and do so. However the activity is restricted to specific regions of the park.

In conclusion, travelers are safe on a safari in Uganda provided they obey the rules and regulations given by the Uganda wildlife authority plus their driver guide especially when it comes to safaris in the national park.

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