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3 Days Cycling Safari in lake Mburo - Uganda

Tour Overview

In the heart of Uganda lies a gem of biodiversity, Lake Mburo National Park, a sanctuary for wildlife and a paradise for adventurers seeking to immerse themselves in nature’s embrace. Embarking on a 3-day cycling safari through this enchanting landscape offers a unique opportunity to connect with the wilderness on a profound level. From the rugged terrain to the tranquil waters, every moment holds the promise of discovery and adventure.

Tour Highlights

Ashy Red Colobus
  • Day 1: Transfer to lake Mburo National Park, enroute route stop over at the equator and evening game drive.
  • Day 2: Cycling in Lake Mburo National park- Explore the park on Bicycle
  • Day 3: Morning Cycling and Departure

Activity highlights

  • Cycling

3 Days Cycling Safari in lake Mburo- Uganda: Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Drive to lake Mburo National park – Into the Wilderness

The journey in to the wild begins early morning after breakfast at the lodge, the driver will pick you up early and transfer you to Lake Mburo National Park. One of Ugandans smallest National Nested in the gateway of the biggest National parks in Uganda. The drive time takes about 4hours driving via the country side. You will have stop over at the equator for photo shoot, coffee and snacks. Continue with the journey arriving the park in time for lunch. Drive to lodge and have lunch.
In the afternoon you will on 20-40km ride along the park boarders. The trail winds its way through acacia-dotted plains and dense woodlands, each turn revealing a new vista of untamed beauty. Along the way, the calls of exotic birds fill the air, their melodies weaving a tapestry of sound that accompanies us on our journey. As we pedal onwards, our senses come alive to the sights and sounds of the wilderness surrounding us.
Our first encounter with wildlife comes as a surprise, a family of zebras grazing peacefully by the roadside. We pause to admire these majestic creatures, their black and white stripes a testament to nature’s artistry. From a safe distance, we observe their graceful movements, marveling at the harmony of life in the wild. As you ride back to the lodge, along the way, you will encounter a myriad of wildlife, from impalas darting through the grasslands to warthogs rooting for food in the earth below. Each sighting is a reminder of the rich biodiversity that thrives in this corner of the world. Dinner and overnight stay at the lodge.

Accommodation Options:

  • Mihingo Lodge (Luxury)
  • Mpogo safari lodge, Arcadi cottages (Mid-range)
  • Leopard Rest camp, Rwonyo rest camp (Budget).

Destination: Lake Mburo National Park

Day 2: Onward and Upward- Exploration in Lake Mburo

The dawn breaks with a symphony of birdsong, signaling the start of another day of exploration. After a hearty breakfast, we mount our bicycles once more, eager to continue our journey through the wilds of Lake Mburo. Today’s route takes us deeper into the heart of the park, where the landscape becomes increasingly rugged and untamed.
Our first challenge comes in the form of a steep incline, the trail winding its way up the side of a hill with breathtaking views of the surrounding plains below. With grit and determination, we pedal onwards, the thrill of the ascent spurring us ever upwards. At the summit, we are rewarded with panoramic vistas of Lake Mburo stretching out before us, its waters shimmering in the morning light.
As we descend into the valley below, we encounter a herd of buffalo grazing lazily in the grasslands, their massive forms a testament to the raw power of nature. We pause to admire these magnificent creatures from a safe distance, wary of their formidable horns and unpredictable nature. Nearby, a tower of giraffe’s grazes on the treetops, their long necks stretched skyward in search of tender foliage.
Throughout the day, we encounter a wealth of wildlife, from elusive leopards slinking through the underbrush to playful vervet monkeys swinging from branch to branch. Each sighting is a reminder of the delicate balance of life in the wild, where every creature plays a vital role in the ecosystem.
As the sun begins to dip below the horizon, you will return to the lodge for dinner and overnight stay.

Accommodation Options:

  • Mihingo Lodge (Luxury)
  • Mpogo safari lodge, Arcadi cottages (Mid-range)
  • Leopard Rest camp, Rwonyo rest camp (Budget).

Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 3: Morning Cycling and Departure

On the final day of our cycling safari, we rise with a mixture of anticipation and reluctance, knowing that our time in the wilderness is drawing to a close. After a leisurely breakfast, we set off on the last leg of our journey, retracing our steps through the familiar terrain of Lake Mburo National Park.
As we cycle homeward, our senses are heightened to the sights and sounds of the wilderness around us. We pause to admire a herd of elephants bathing in a muddy watering hole, their playful trumpets echoing through the air. Nearby, a pride of lion’s lounges in the shade of an acacia tree, their golden coats blending seamlessly with the dappled sunlight.
As we pedal onwards, the landscape begins to shift once more, the lush greenery giving way to the dusty plains of the savanna. In the distance, we catch sight of the park entrance, a welcome sight after three days of adventure and exploration. With weary but satisfied hearts, we pedal towards our journey’s end, grateful for the memories we have made and the experiences we have shared.
As we bid farewell to Lake Mburo National Park, we start our return journey back to Kampala with enroute lunch arriving in the afternoon. The driver guide will drop you off at the airport in time for your departure flight back home. Or a drop off at the location of your choice.

End Of Tour

Includes & Excludes

Tour includes

Gorilla and Chimpanzee trekking permits
All activities on itinerary & park entry fees
Accommodation and meals
Transport in Standard Safari vehicle
Professional Tour Guide

Package Excludes

International Flights
Items of Personal Nature
Tips and Gratuity

Getting There

The trip will start from Entebbe or Kampala to Kibale National Park to Queen Elizabeth National Park to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and End in Entebbe or Kampala Uganda.

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    Tour can depart on any day of the week.
    Tour can be customized
    Transportation in Landcruiser or minivan with pop up for game viewing
    Suitable for solo travelers
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