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Uganda in June

June is where the high reduction in rain amounts starts and the dry season picks up for a high rate on travel prices and more fantastic adventures

Uganda in June.

The increased reduction in the amount of rain fall in June has led to a dry period in the whole of Uganda. The blue skies are seen and there is a beautiful stunning view of the landscape.

During this month, wild life is well viewed because they are  always on the small  water holes  in the park taking water.

Is June a good month to visit Uganda?

This is the best months of the year in which one should   visit Uganda. During this month of June, the average temperature is always around 27 degrees Celsius, and the growing vegetation does not   obstruct your view of the wildlife because the months is dry therefore no too much to make the vegetation grow at a rapid speed.

During this month, be prepared of somehow little rainfall after all Uganda is lying on the Equator.

The mountain gorillas get on their way back to the jungle deep hence making the trekking get back to its normal time because these gorillas are now too far and need to hike high for one to get them.

During this month, the number of clients increases because the roads are clear and the jungle is dry to

Support the trekking activity to go smoothly.

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