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Uganda in November

November is the month where the large amounts of rainfall end whereby leading to the opening of the dry Season

Uganda in November.

During this month, the vegetation still looks good and blossoms. The land scape is green and clear.

Is November a good month to visit Uganda?

This marks the end the short rainy season in Uganda. During this month, the vegetation, flowers look good and attractive. The forests are thick and hence giving an obstruction to wildlife viewing. However, the month has got a beautiful stunning view of the land scape.  

Since we still expect some rains in this month, the gorilla activity is still very difficult and a reduced number of people come s to visit the gorillas for trekking. This is because of the rainy season that makes the roads muddy and makes transport difficult.

During this month, the rains mostly occur in the south, this means the northern part is free making it safe and amazing to visit Uganda in November.

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