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Uganda in April

April is one the Wettest Months with plenty of Heavy and Long Rains which brings about slippery surface and muddy Soils

Uganda in April

This month is considered to be the wettest month of the year in the pearl of Africa. Therefore, most of the lodges, hotels are closed because of the heavy rains that make the roads so slippery, and muddy giving hard time to clients who come for a safari. However, putting all that aside it is the best month in which clients would come to Uganda for their safari because the weather is cool and free from diseases.

Is April a good month to visit Uganda?

Since this is the month in which heavy rains come, it becomes an attraction to most clients who love seeing the thick, dark clouds in the sky. Therefore, most clients still come however much the rains are too much. Therefore, this makes April an amazing month to visit.

During this month, clients get a chance of seeing mountain gorillas on the lower slopes because they always come to look for warmth. Therefore, this has helped clients to take away the tire sumness of hiking into the jungle to find out the gorillas.

For the clients who do not love rainfall, you are always given an advice of visiting Murchison falls national park. This is because this park possesses a dry climate.

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