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Uganda in October.

October is one of the months that marks the start of short rains which means that all sunny days are done

Uganda in October.

This is the month that marks the start of the short rains in Uganda. This means that all the sunny days are put down by the heavy rains. All the activities can still be done well and as usual getting a chance of getting lodges at a reduced price.

Is October a good month of Visit Uganda?

This is a month which possesses a wet a season in Uganda. Here clients get an opportunity of seeing the mountain gorillas within a short time because they always slope down wards on the lower slopes to get warmth.

The month gets very few clients visiting Bwindi national park because of the muddy and slippery routes caused by heavy rains.

During this month, the clients will get a chance to also see plenty of wild life such as elephants, lions, leopards and you will also get a chance to see the tree climbing lions in the ishasha sector in queen Elizabeth national park. More so, the client will get a chance to see the bush babies in kidepo national park in Kavirondo.

This month has got an average temperature of 250C which is warm hence making the national park open together with the lodges.

Incase you are planning to have a safari to Uganda, endeavor to book in October in order to get better lodge rates and reduce the competition of gorillas and chimpanzees permits.

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