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Uganda in February

February is the second best time to visit the wildlife of Uganda since Its Moderate whereby it’s dry and wet to give the best memories.

Uganda in February

Just like January, this month of February is really a perfect month to visit the pearl of Africa. This is because it is a dry month therefore it supports very many activities such as gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking since these are best done during the dry season to give a memorable experience.

Uganda is a very beautiful country that everyone yearns to have a visit at one time. This is because it has got very nice things such as national parks, among those including the primate parks of Bwindi, mgahinga and kibale national park. More so, Uganda has got a number of wild life including the big five which have also attracted very many people. The water bodies and so on. All these make Uganda a very beautiful country for a safari.

Is February a good month to visit Uganda?

This is the hottest month throughout the year having a degree of 250C temperatures.

It is said that the northern part of Uganda is very dry and semi arid. This makes it an opportunity for the increased number of clients to come to Uganda for a picnic adventure experience. During this month, most of the wild life come closer looking for water holes where to get water for drinking. This makes it easy for wild life viewing.

For the tourists who would like to trek gorilla and chimpanzees, you are advised to book as early as possible just like 6 to 7 months before the trekking date. This is advised always because the permits get done easily.

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