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Uganda in September

September is where an increase in rains from the Dry Season happens and leads to reduction in Tourists

Uganda in September

This is the month where by short rains begin. This means that the weather is unfavorable and therefore the number at which clients come in is reduced. This  leads to the reduction of prices and the rates of  lodges or accommodations.

During this month, some of the business are open and some are closed.

Is September a good month to visit Uganda?

This month of September has got an average temperature of 270C.This month has also got two seasons where by one part is dry and another part is wet.

This month experiences a lot of rains which make gorilla trekking difficult because of the muddy and slippery routes.

Since the dry seasons have just gone, the wild life is easily seen in the forests because the jungle is clear  and the vegetation is  reduced. Here, the animals are still seen on the little remaining water on the holes. This makes the sighting easy.

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