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Uganda in August

August is one of the months with an increased lack of rainfall which gives a great view of the wildlife in the National parks

Uganda in August.

This is included among the best months to visit Uganda.  The increased lack of rainfall rains gives  a great view of the wildlife in the national parks because there is no increased growth of vegetation  that abstracts  the animals. Here you will get to see the wildlife   converging on the small water holes to get what to drink.

Is August a good month to visit Uganda?

As the dry season is ending, Still this month takes up the first position to be the best month to visit Uganda for a safari.

The wild life converges on the water holes to take water and therefore this makes it very easy for the clients to have a glance on the wild life such as the lions, elephants, leopards and so on.

The month has got an average temperature of 250C hence favoring most of the activities.

Incase you would like to get an amazing safari during this month, you should have a safari to queen Elizabeth national park to have a glance on the big five which are always seen active in the park. More so, you will get to see the migratory birds.

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