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Uganda in January

January is the best time of the year which provides dry and clear skies safaris to tourists for a great time

Uganda in January

Uganda is a country among the East African countries which looks so amazing and attractive because of its different beautiful creatures, national parks, attractions including the gorillas and chimpanzees which have mostly played a big part on attracting very many tourists. These primates are found in Bwindi impenetrable national park and kibale national park which parks belong to the western part of Uganda. Apart from the above-mentioned primates, Uganda has also got wild life including the big five which have continued to attract people from different countries. 

Is January a good month to go to Uganda?

This month of the January is among the best month in the year in which any one should go and visit Uganda.

Uganda expects rainfall all the year around. This is because it sits on the equator which lies on the  line of 0C. However, the rain decreases with time. This is because of the increase in speed in temperature which goes high up to 20s (0C) in the south and in the 30s in the North.

This month favors the wildlife viewing and bird watching. This is because it does allow the growth of vegetation hence giving a great view of the animals and birds clearly without any disturbance of the obstruction of vegetation.

More so this month gives a perfection of the activities of gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking.

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