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Uganda in July

July provides the both the dry and Wet seasons which make safaris some of the best to all categories of tourists

Uganda in July.

In the pearl of Africa, we have got several seasons which are distinguished by the sky and rain fall. The    months of   March to May and October to November are wetter. Once we get   outside these months, the country becomes bright, sunny and leading to rainfall.

Is July a good month to visit Uganda?

This is the best month in which an increased number of people should visit the pearl of Africa.  The reason is because this month possesses   both dry and wet temperatures. Therefore, it favors all the activities and more the lodges are open and ready to receive clients.

Although the wet season alternates with the increase in prices, the beautiful weather conditions make it well worth it. The average temperature during the day time is 250 C.

This is a beautiful month in Uganda that favors safaris more so gorilla trekking. During this month, wildlife in different national parks converge and get water for drinking. This makes it easier for the clients who are on a game drive to spot easily.

In this month of July, the mountain gorillas have gone deep into the jungle. This makes it difficult for the trekkers to hike looking for the gorillas and hence making the trekking long.

By July, the gorillas have retreated from the lowland forests back up to their misty mountain-top fortresses, but the perfect hiking conditions mean the longer treks are still manageable.

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