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Uganda in March

March is the right time when prolonged Rains and muddy soils start and its the time when discounts are more often Offered.

Uganda in March

This is the month that marks the beginning of the prolonged rains in Uganda. During this month, the vegetation, flowers, forests look so amazing and attractive to their natural colors and hence leading to the increased incoming of tourists into the country.

Is March a good month to visit Uganda

Since this is the month of the year in which the rains start, this means that the rate at which clients are coming in is reduced and the accommodation rates are reduced. Therefore this is regarded as the month that  is not the best for visiting national parks. However, this does not mean that there are no completely clients who come in for adventure and relaxation.

The month still welcomes clients to different lodges those who are willing to trek or do other activities despite the muddy and bumpier rains they go through to reach the parks because of the too much rains. In this case, once they book, they are given an advice of carrying their rain courts, umbrera, water proof shoes and so on. This will help them to be successful in their activities and reduce on the effects of rain fall on them.

This is the month of the year in which most of the animals hide away in the forests to give birth to the young ones. It is the same month in which there is wide spread of bird species migration.

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