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Uganda in May

May is a also one of the Months with rains but moderately rains and shines giving a true African feeling

Uganda in May.

Just like other months during the rainy season, This month of May has got prolonged periods of heavy rain waters, followed by  a little moments of  sunshine. The rain continues to pour and the vegetation becomes good looking, the landscape is attractive and so on.

Is May a good month to Visit Uganda?

While in the jungle trekking gorillas an chimpanzees during this month, you will get to find them earlier and easily hence leading to a decrease in the time of trekking. This is all because of the heavy rains which make the gorillas to come to the lower slopes looking for warmth.

During his month, a very big number of bird species migrate from their natural habitant hence giving a good time and moment to the clients who are bird lovers to come for a Uganda safari.

During this month of the year, the days are both warm and wet. The average temperatures are over 220 C. Therefore, this means, you have to be prepared all the time with rain courts, umbrera water proof shoes because rain may shower abruptly.

Since this is a wet season, most of the lodges, hotels are closed   because of the too much rains that cause the road to be slippery and muddy   hence leading to the reduction of accommodation prices and increase in their availability.

This is the best month of the year for one to visit kibale national park, because these chimpanzees are always very active making it very easy for them to be seen.

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