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Uganda in December

December is one the best festival month in Uganda with summer and dry seasons which provide the best adventures of wildlife

Uganda in December.

Here, all the rainy months have passed and the dry season has started. The sun comes out of the clouds getting ready to really shine. The trekking is made perfect including all the safaris in different national parks.

Is December a good month to visit Uganda?

Now all the rains have passed and this month has started experiencing some hot temperatures. The national parks which were closed during the wet seasons have opened, the lodges are open and the clients have started coming in frequently.

Being a festive season, some international clients come in to enjoy their Christmas and some come to watch wildlife, gorillas and get bac to their home countries.

 All the grounds, the jangles, forests start to dry up giving a nice and favorable time  to the mountain gorilla  and   chimpanzee lovers to come and trek without problems of sliding and falling down because of the slippery land.

During this month, the gorillas tend to get back higher into the jungle giving hard time to the trekkers. And taking long hours while trekking.

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